Organic food Consumption is linked with lower risk of cancer

Organic food Consumption is linked with lower risk of cancer

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organic food

organic food

Organic food trend has taken over the world since half a decade now. People are religiously preferring organic labelled items over the regular ones. Fruits, vegetables, legumes etc that are free from fertilizers or genetically modified methods. Are allowed to grow naturally without any external aid is referred to as organic food.

It is no brainier that consumption of organic food is indeed a more healthy option than that of food filled with concoction of pesticides. But is it necessarily important that eating organic food will prevent the risk of cancer?

Cancer is a deadly disease that is spreading like fire in today’s world. Most of the people are getting detected by various types of cancer. Which has made everyone a little extra cautious about their food and lifestyle choices. Eating an organic diet is undoubtedly a healthier option. It is produced naturally without any interference of external agents.

There are a lot of studies which are conducted on this burning topic and they all have various findings. Some says it has little or no effect on preventing the risk factor. Whereas some research claims that people who consume organic foods are less likely to get detected with cancer.

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The latest one being conducted in 2018 by a team of French scientists published in JAMA Internal Medicine says that there is a 25% decrease in overall cancer risk from relatively high level of organic food consumption compared to little or no organic food consumption, in large, prospective, epidemiological study. It also claims that the amount of people getting detected with breast cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), and all lymphomas have significantly reduced.

Apart from all the mixed results that the scientists are getting from the various studies conducted across the globe, one key factor that remains unchanged is the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle can create wonders to your health.

Therefore in a nutshell, If a person is making an effort in distinguishing between an organic and non-organic variant then he/she is likely to be a health conscious person who watches his/her calories intake and maintains a safe distance from all the health hazardous items like smoking or doing drugs.Being physically active and eating a balanced diet is something which he/she is likely to indulge into. So, the chances of getting detected by cancer for that person is less possible than those who doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle.

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